Meet Tasha!

Meet Tasha - my therapy dog.  Tasha is a Golden Doodle - she will be celebrating her 7th birthday on March 8.  Tasha is a very relaxed, very mellow, very soft, cuddly, and fluffy dog.  She is great with both children and adults. Tasha comes to my office one day a week.  Tasha and I have both taken additional Therapy Dog training classes - Tasha's personality helped her ace this training.

I use Tasha at work to help both adults and children decrease their anxiety and feel more comfortable talking about their feelings.  Tasha is a very gentle dog who is able to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed - which in turn helps them better express, explore, and process their feelings in a therapeutic setting.  I hope to hear from you and see you in my office, so both Tasha and I can make therapy a safe and comfortable process.

Tasha the Therapy Dog



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